February 2021 Training
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Monday, February 1 (Part 2)
6:30pm - 8:30 pm
4 Hours
You must attend all 4 hours to
receive any credit.
Learn 1-2-3 Curriculum  KCF ll.A  Part 2
You must have taken part 1 to attend
Presented by Wendy Prokosch
Learn what 1-2-3 Learn Curriculum has to offer as a curriculum to both Family Childcare and
Center based facilities. Understand the importance of why a curriculum in needed for an Early
Childcare by helping to make sure all the needed areas of learning are being met. Discover how
1-2-3 Learn Curriculum works along side MN-ECIPS and a few other Parent Aware approved
Curricula. Practice using and creating lesson plans from 1-2-3 Learn Curriculum.
Tuesday, February 16, 2021
6:30pm - 8:30 pm
2 Hours
The Why Behind the Words: Strengthening the Learning
Presented by Dana Ellingson
Explore words and strategies that establish supportive relationships with children and guide
them as individuals and as a community of learners. Investigate current practices for classroom
management and effective learning environments. Topics of respect and perspective taking will
be discussed. Take a look at behaviors that trigger our own sense of control as educators and
how we can adjust language or strategies we use, to help give children the power to change
their own behaviors.  
Thursday, February 18, 2021
2 Hours
Sensory Smart Child Care, Moving Beyond the Bin  
Presented by Theresa Peplinski
Learn how to engage children in a variety of sensory experiences. Review the eight sensory
realms, identifying the importance of each on child development. Engage in a exploration of
ideas to incorporate a wider variety of multi-sensory activities in your childcare program.
Recognize and verbalize the sensory experiences that are already being offered while learning
the terminology to classify and describe these activities as valuable and positive learning
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