Tier I Membership is open to legally licensed family child care providers residing in Dakota County.  Membership includes
    training, voting privileges, serving on the Executive Board, serving as a committee chair, participation in Toy Coop and the
    Mentor Program.  323 members.

    Tier II Membership is open to persons working as/with family child care providers; legally unlicensed providers, second
    adults, employees of in-home family providers, substitutes used by in-home child care providers, legally licensed family
    child care providers not presently residing in Dakota County and any persons in the child care field.  Membership includes
    training, working on committees and participation in Toy Co-op.

    All memberships are valid a 12-month period beginning from the month it was purchased, or 24 months when a two-year
    membership is purchased, or 36 months when a three-year membership is purchased.  If you renew your membership    
    early, it will added onto your current expiration date.  

    Membership dues are non-refundable.

    Why Should I Join?

Heights, including two All-County trainings.

  • Conference:  Discount rate for the conference in March with six available hours of training, vendor shopping
    and networking.

  • Provider Directory:  Free advertising - list your business information, including current openings, that can be
    viewed by potential clients.  

  • Newsletter:  Get up-to-date information relative to training options, craft ideas and licensing updates.
    Discounted advertising and helpful on-line resources.

  • Mentor Program:  The One-on-One Mentor Program builds a relationship between an experienced provider
    and an inexperienced provider focusing on the needs of the inexperienced provider.

  • Provider Care Line Program:    Reach out to experienced family child care professionals who are able to
    answer questions from other family child care providers.

  • Toy Co-op:  A monthly toy exchange offering a wide variety of toys owned by DCFCCA.  Separate membership
    fee applies.

  • Sunshine Program:  Share and acknowledge important events in our members’ lives.

  • Fundraising:  Buy and sell items for sale with profits benefiting DCFCCA's general budget.