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​Thursday, July 9th
6:30pm - 8:30pm

                                  The Power of Food-
             Calmer Children and a Better Performing You
                            Presented by Chef Marshall O'Brien

Learn how nourishing is different from just eating.  We discuss which foods will help children
in your care be calmer and more focused and foods that will help you, as a provider, to have
more consistent energy and reduce stress.
At the end of the session, participants will be able to:
*Identify the four components of Smart Nutrition.
*Identify which foods help performance and behavior and which foods to avoid.
*Determine how to take Smart Nutrition back to their workplace and implement  
it in the day-to-day environment.
KCF VII.C   2 hours  
Please Note: A video camera on your device is required for proof of attendance.  

If you do not provide a Develop ID# a training certificate will be emailed to you within 7
days of attending the Webinar.

Instructions for attending a Webinar will be emailed to you 48
hours prior to the event.

                  Ongoing Self Paced Training for July
              Ready for School!  Beyond School Readiness
                                  Presented by Stacy Boysen

Explore the history and evolution of kindergarten from its inception in 1837 to the present
time. Discuss the value of play in children’s learning and the role of the educator as a
collaborator, recorder, and encourager. Apply the stages of learning through play to real-life
educational experiences that support children's school readiness and life skill development.

This is an online self-paced training for the month of July. This training will meet the Child
Development and Learning/Behavior Guidance licensing requirement for Family Child Care
Providers and is a KCF I. Child Development.

Registrants will be sent the course link at the end of June. To complete this training, simply
watch the class YouTube video and complete the reflection activities within the video. Email
your completed reflection to the trainer once you’ve completed the course activities to
receive three hours of training credit. Reflections must be received by July 31.

If you do not provide a Develop ID# a training certificate will be emailed within 7 days of
completing the training.

Limit of 40 participants

                                 Sneak Peak  
And the Wolf Wore Shoes
Presented by Kim Woehl

Cultivating Knowledge through Open-ended Discussions
Presented by Kim Woehl

Building Foundations: Positive Communication with Children
Self Paced Online
Presented by Stacy Boysen
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