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​Tuesday, August 18th
6:30pm - 8:30pm

And the Wolf Wore Shoes: Outdoors, are Kids Getting Enough?
                     Presented by Kim Woehl

Examine the role of the childhood educator and recognize how to get children back into     
nature and the great outdoors.  Learn about the history, explore activities, and    
understand the importance of the outdoors for children's successful development. This   
Webinar is limited to 30 participants.
KCF II.A   2 hours  

Please Note: A video camera on your device is required for proof of attendance.  

If you do not provide a Develop ID# a training certificate will be emailed to you within 7   
days of attending the Webinar.

Instructions for attending a Webinar will be emailed to you 48
hours prior to the event.

                                 Sneak Peak

September 1st
Cultivating Knowledge through Open-ended Discussions
Presented by Kim Woehl

Building Foundations: Positive Communication with Children
Self Paced Online
Presented by Stacy Boysen  
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