Tier I Membership is open to legally licensed family child care providers residing in Dakota County.  
    Membership includes training, voting privileges, serving on the Executive Board, serving as a committee chair,
    participation in Toy Co-op and in the Mentor Program.

    Tier II Membership is open to persons working as/with family child care providers; legally unlicensed providers,
    second adults, employees of in-home family providers, substitutes used by in-home child care providers, legally
    licensed family child care providers not presently residing in Dakota County and any persons in the child care
    field.  Membership includes training, working on committees and participation in Toy Co-op.

    All memberships run for a 12-month period from the month it was purchased, or 24 months when a two year
    membership is purchased, or 36 months when a three year membership is purchased.  

    Use the drop down box below to select your membership term.  There are three choices.  Membership dues is
    non-refundable so choose your term carefully.

   IMPORTANT:  Upon selection of membership, you will be redirected to the PayPal site.  
   After completing your purchase, please make sure to fill out the submission form with
   your contact information.