On-Line 2018 Executive Board Position Application
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1.  Have you served on the DCFCCA Executive Board within the past five years?
If yes, which position did you hold and what term?
2.  Board position you are volunteering for?
Choose only
ONE position.
3.  Why would you like to serve on the DCFCCA Executive Board?
4.  What expertise can you bring to this board position?
5.  Have you maintained your DCFCCA
membership for the past 12 consecutive months?
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Thank you for completing the on-line Executive Board Position
Application!  This application will automatically be e-mailed to the
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To be eligible for nomination and elected office, a member must have been a legally licensed
provider in Dakota County, as well as a Tier I member (licensed provider) of DCFCCA for the
previous year.  Candidates running for a board position cannot have any pending negative
actions or have had any substantiated complaints within the last five years.

All positions are two-year terms, beginning June 1, 2018 and ending May 31, 2020.
Application deadline is April 15, 2018.