Welcome to the 2020 Executive Board Nominees
Renee’ Kulhanek
Provider in Rosemount

Why would Renee’ like to serve on the board as Secretary?  She has a great passion for
DCFCCA because the association offers providers with quality training, networking, and
professional support.  She enjoys being part of the decision making process in her past
years on the board.  She has spent the last two years on the board as Secretary and would
like to continue in this position.  Renee’ has 20 years past board experience and has been
on many DCFCCA committee’s.  
                    Area Coordinator Facilitator
Heather LeBlanc
Provider in Burnsville

Why would Heather like to serve on the board as Area Coordinator Facilitator?  Heather
likes to help her fellow Childcare Provider Community.  She thinks DCFCCA is a great
association and would like to do her part.  Heather had held many positions with
DCFCCA.  One term for Area Coordinator Facilitator, one term for Newsletter
Coordinator, and two terms for Membership Coordinator.  Her knowledge in the position
of Area Coordinator Facilitator, organization skills, and punctuation skills will bring
expertise to the position.
                                     Newsletter Coordinator  
Pat Goor
Provider in Eagan

Why would Pat like to serve on the board as Newsletter Coordinator?  Pat would like to
serve on the board again to assist in providing quality training choices to our members.  
In her previous positions, she enjoyed working with other providers sharing our ideas,
strengths, and our talents to make a difference for child care providers in Dakota
County.  She would like to explore our communication options that could be used to
keep providers informed about Dakota County Child Care issues.  
*Reminder: We are still open to Nominees for DCFCCA Treasurer.